Mr & Mrs Alao , I visited the open heavens on my husband birthday
October 1 st we have been married since 1997 without any issue, we sort for
medical help both home and abroad to no avail and we prayed to God in
Daddy G.O prayers room, to help us and intervene in our matter and give us
fruit of the womb, that same month I got pregnant and I thank God he gave
us a bouncing baby girl. Praise thy lord, Halleluyah


My name is Oludayo Rotimi, shortly before I visited the open heavens I
had a terrible headache, then I treated malaria but the headache didn’t go,
then I have a doctor is greater than all doctors, then my head touch the floor of the daddy’s prayer room, instantly the headache disappeared and when I
also got to do a checkup, prostate cancer disappeared. Thank you Jesus.

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My name is Mrs Ifeyinwa . I visited the open heavens prior the time have
had many miscarriages, when I got here I touched mummy and Daddy Bed,
and I prayed with it and I promised God to come back and share my
testimonies I visited here with sorrow but God turn it to Joy with a set twins.
Praised thy lord